Fees for repeating the year

Calculation of fees to repeat the academic year (including prolonging the thesis deadline)




The fee is calculated according to the fee amount of one hour (calculated in proportion to the amount of JUK’s semester tuition fees and the number of hours of work in the semester, wherein 1 ECTS point = 25h of work) x the number of hours assigned to the repeated course/s in the given semester (e.g. 30 hour course calculation: 30 hours x 1,11 EUR = 33,3 EUR)*

Please note: failure to submit the MA thesis amounts to repeating the MA seminar and the MA thesis = MA seminar (5 ECTS, 30h contact time) and MA thesis (20 ECTS, 500h of work) = 530 hours of work.

530h x 1.11 EUR =  588,3 EUR

Fees will be calculated individually with students who need to repeat courses other than the thesis seminar (and thesis submission) during the MA programme (according to the regulations above).

NON-EU STUDENTS Semester tuition fee (in most cases 3,500 EUR)*

Please note that 60 ECTS credits is a requirement to pass an academic year. The student cannot fail mandatory courses taken in the first year of EUROCULTURE MA programme. The student may request and be granted a conditional pass for the given academic year if he or she has obtained a minimum of 50 ECTS credits. A signed request must be submitted to the Euroculture Office by September 15 of the respective academic year in order for the request to be processed.

* These rules are subject to change.