Thesis Submission

Submission Rules & Requirements

As per consortium regulations, students must submit their final thesis on June 1st. Comments and feedbacks from thesis supervisors and corrections to the thesis draft must be done in advance to comply with the final deadline.

* It is the responsibility of the student to send drafts and finalised versions in advance to both supervisors in order to make the submission deadline.

Before handing in the hard copy of the final thesis, students must first upload the thesis file to the Online Thesis Archive as a PDF. Click here for instructions. (We suggest to start this process at few days in advance before the deadline).

It is only when the thesis has been archived and given a number by the system that it should be printed, bound and sent.

* The final thesis can be submitted in electronic form to the supervisor in order to comply with the deadline.

The documents that need to be submitted in person or via regular post to the Euroculture Office in Krakow are:

  • 2 bound copies of the final thesis printed from the Online System
  • Cover pages. The final versions of your thesis (hard copies and electronic) need to have 2 cover pages in the following order: (1) Jagiellonian University official cover page and (2) the Euroculture cover page found in the thesis writing guidelines.
  • 6 colour photos (4.5cm x 6.5cm) printed on photo paper
    *Please make sure to submit the photos in the specified format. Photos in other formats will not be accepted. Your diploma will not be issued otherwise. Due to the unusual format we suggest students to have their photo taken in Krakow when they come for their defense.

* This documents are required in order to issue your diploma.  

Submission DEADLINES

  • October 1st: Thesis Topic
  • December 1st: Thesis Portfolio
  • June 1st: Final Thesis

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Thesis Defense

The thesis defense is scheduled after the student submits his or her thesis and is positively assessed by both supervisors (receives a passing grade). Defense dates up until mid-July and after mid-September are possible. All thesis defenses must be scheduled and concluded by October 15th. The actual time and date is consulted and agreed on an individual basis by the student, supervisor, and Euroculture coordination team.The university reserves the right to take at least 10 working days to set up the defense after the thesis has been submitted. All thesis issues and final exam (defense) organisation matters are to be directed to the Krakow staff at the Euroculture email.


Thesis Supervision

Euroculture Students need to choose a thesis supervisor at their Home & Host University. Click here for a list of available supervisors at the Institute of European Studies.
During the first semester students must contact and meet with faculty in order to find a suitable supervisor for their thesis. It is important to have a supervisor approved before the end of the first semester, since face-to-face time will be minimal due to 2nd and 3rd semester mobility.
Students will also have to choose a supervisor in their host (2nd Semester) university.

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Guidelines & Documents

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Late Submissions

Theses which are not submitted by the consortium final deadline of June 1st will automatically fall into the LATE category. Euroculture students have a second consortium deadline on August 1st, however, they may not be eligible for the Liesbeth Brouwer Award in the following year (see below). If the student does not submit by August 1 st , he or she must make a formal request to the Director of Studies to extend his or her submission until September 30th of the same year without incurring in late fees at the Jagiellonian University. Note: this request does not automatically extend the deadline at the student’s second university (students must comply with both of their universities’ regulations), nor does it guarantee the extension itself (since a proper and valid justification is required).

Template letter for extension

Students who do not submit by September 30th will be crossed off the student list. Students wishing to submit their thesis after this date will need to submit a letter to be reinstated as students for the next academic year and pay the appropriate re-instatement fee. Students must submit the letter of reinstatement before September 30th to be eligible for reinstatement.

Template letter for reinstatement

Thesis Extension Fee

The information on thesis extension fee can be found in the section on Fees for repeating the year.

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The Annual Liesbeth Brouwer Award is awarded to the student whose thesis, according to the jury’s opinion, most effectively and elegantly represents the Euroculture approach:  that is, dealing with current European issues from a complex perspective and approaching the related problems in an interdisciplinary manner. The award is a cash prize of 500 euros.

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Thesis Electronic Archive

Before you start the archiving process, you need to send an email with the following information: Your name, surname, Title of your thesis, Supervisor in Krakow
Please send this information to Ms. Dorota Kretkowska at:
She will input it to the system and then the MY THESIS icon (2nd bullet point) will show up on the online archivisation system when you log in THE NEXT DAY.
Instructions for the electronic submission of the MA Thesis:

  • Go to and log in to the APD system (Archive of Diploma Theses) using your regularUSOSweb/UJ email account login and password.
  • Go to section: MY THESIS (This option will only become active when your administrative office has received confirmation from your adviser that they have accepted a final draft of your Thesis and are ready to proceed).

My theses and tasks

  • Click on the title of your current Thesis (if you have already completed another degree at the Jagiellonian University there may be more than one title on the list) This will take you to the Thesis details section.
  • Enter all of the required data into the table: Thesis title, abstract, keywords (in Polish and in English) and save your changes. If you are having difficulties with the abstract/key words in Polish, please contact us at – we will be happy to help! Please bear in mind that we might need some time to prepare the translation so if possible send the abstract/key words in advance.

APD_Complete information

  • Mark the appropriate option from the list granting the Jagiellonian University permission/license to include this work in electronic databases


  • Click on the Add a file icon to upload all of the necessary attachments*

APD_Add file

  • Make sure you have uploaded all of the correct files and confirm by clicking All files have been sent (WYSLANO WSZYSTKIE PLIKI) **
  • When all correct files have been added please click ‘FORWARD FOR APPROVAL TO SUPERVISOR’. The status of your thesis will change to ‘Step 3’ and any further modifications will not be possible.

APD_Forward to supervisor

  • You must be connected to a printer in order to complete the next step. In the Thesis details section, Click on the blue icon next to your name and print out the confirmation page (statement about the authorship of the thesis and sharing consent) and then go to the bottom of the page where there is a link to a pdf of your Thesis. Click on that link to print a copy of your Thesis with a special identifying number. At least one physical copy of your Thesis must contain that number. (You must print a total of two copies. You may print both copies from this link if you wish, but it is not required.)

APD_Authorship of the thesis

APD_Printable version

* Please remember that your Thesis must be converted into PDF format (readable with the Acrobat Reader program). If a Thesis contains any other attachments, make sure they are packed into one archive file (ZIP, RAR, 7Z).
** In case you send the wrong file or a file you have sent needs to be corrected, you can remove it by clicking on the red X. This operation is available only if you have not confirmed that you have sent all files by clicking on the All files have been sent (WYSLANO WSZYSTKIE PLIKI) icon. If you have done so accidentally, please report it to your administration office in order to unblock the section for sending/removing files.

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