Euroculture is a great master programme. It’s international, interdisciplinary and offers a humanistic approach while many other European Studies programmes predominantly focus on politics and economy. It also gives the chance to live in different countries and study with people from all around the globe. Of the places you can choose from, Kraków is certainly the best, not only because it’s an amazing city to live but also because of the Euroculture staff, the professors are great and the coordinators are very dedicated and do everything to solve all kinds of problems and make your Euroculture experience perfect. Besides regular classes there’s an optional Polish course (which otherwise you have to pay) and some organised study trips. Overall an unforgettable experience!

Sofie from Germany, Oct 8th, 2012

Studying Euroculture in Kraków has been a wonderful experience all around. On one hand, it’s rewarding in terms of its location: the city is buzzing with excitement and places to explore. There is something unique to see around every corner and the culinary establishments along with the little cafes all around the city core are absolutely to die for. (and very affordable too!). On the other hand, you have the opportunity to take classes with great professors and the Euroculture coordinators make sure that you feel welcome and are well taken care of throughout the entire experience. If you enjoy meeting people from all around the world, travelling and if you’re looking for an interdisciplinary approach towards European Studies, I would absolutely recommend the MA in Euroculture program in Krakow. It’s an unforgettable experience that I would choose again in a heartbeat.
Alex from Canada, Aug 26th, 2012

Studying Euroculture in Kraków has been one of the best experiences of my life. Participating in an very multinational and interdisciplinary master programme was a good choice to begin with, but choosing the Jagiellonian University really made it all the better. Plunging yourself in Polish bureaucracy has never been this easy with the help of the great and very helpful coordinating team. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to live in the magical city of Kraków, and experience the traditions of Poland’s oldest university. Taking the academic oath in the Collegium Novum, being taught by great professors, discovering the unique café culture.. the list could go on, but I think I made my point. A+, Väl godkänd, a Polish 5! (the highest grade you can get in Poland 🙂

Roxanne from Netherlands, Nov 29th, 2011

Euroculture provides more than just an academic education. It help to expand your transnational network with dozens of new friends, grants you the opportunity to live in up to four different countries and assist in the development of your intercultural communication skills. Adjusting to different (academic) cultures in and outside Europe will prove of enormous value, not just for your career but also for you as a human being. Besides having the opportunity to travel to places you have never been before, the programme provides funding and custom-made options for the development of your choice. My time in Euroculture is almost over, but I will carry its heritage on into the rest of my days in the world. Thnx, guys!

Cor from United States, Nov 22nd, 2011