Semester 3

During the third semester students are required to follow either a Professional track (internship) or a Research track. At the same time they will need to complete their Thesis Outline/Proposal.

  • Professional Track (Internship) – 25 ECTS
  • Research Track – 25 ECTS
  • Thesis Outline/Proposal – 5 ECTS

Professional Track (Internship) (25 ECTS)

Follows the Eurocompetence module links theoretical knowledge, skills and understanding with practical experience. Students are aided by the consortium to find the appropriate internship. A contract is prepared for the internship and has to be signed by the student, the organisation offering the internship and the university concerned. Each partner institution has a supervisor for the internship. The activities of the internship are described in the contract. The student finishes the internship after having written a report that is assessed by the organisation offering the internship and by university.
Click here for more information on internships (protected area for current students only)
The following are a sample of institutions in which Euroculture students have successfully completed internships or that welcome students from the programme:
Many students have also completed internships outside of Poland with institutions such as the Council of Europe, the European Commission, and various cultural organizations. For an extended list of placement institutitons in Europe and abroad click here.

Research Track (25 ECTS)

The Research track of the MA programme Euroculture is a follow-up of the Eurocompetence modules 1 and 2, which deepens the student’s theoretical knowledge, skills and understanding, and preferably relates to the student’s MA thesis topic.

The Research track consists of modules of up to 25 ECTS credits which can be followed at one of the eight European or, for European students only, one of the four non-European partner universities of the Consortium.

Students who prefer to specialize in research can do this by taking extra research seminars, attending to courses and participating in conferences. Students will be expected to do intensive research, write articles and work closesly with a tutor. This track is especially beneficial for students who want to continue their studies in a PhD programme. The seminars are intended to develop specialised knowledge and skills in the chosen field, as well as to broaden methodological and theoretical knowledge and its actual use in research.


Thesis Outline/Proposal (5 ECTS)