Semester 1

Because Euroculture is devoted to understanding issues where society, culture and politics meet and interact, no single discipline is enough! The first semester of the Euroculture programme is devoted to an interdisciplinary introduction to core concepts and central topics for understanding modern European society through disciplines including history, political science, law, sociology, and religious studies. You will learn about and explore the local, national, European and global processes in which culture and power overlap today. We get to grips with the workings and intricacies of the European Union and other European and international institutions, but from a deeper perspective defined by certain key questions: What is European identity? What characterises European society? Is there a single European culture?

The Euroculture approach integrates subject-related knowledge from several complementary fields with an exploration of the methods and theories associated with each discipline. The first year involves lectures, seminars and group work. Your work will be assessed through written and/or oral exams, project-based work, and/or individual and group presentations.

At the Jagiellonian University

During the first semester in Krakow the student will participate in courses offered by the Institute of European Studies of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. A total of 30 ECTS points are required to successfully complete the semester. Students must choose all the mandatory courses. The student can also participate in other courses offered by the Institute of European Studies and other departments of the university.

Core courses offered (Semester I: 2016-2018)

Title Lecturer Mandatory/
Hours ECTS
Citizenship, Migration and Multiculturalism in Europe
Prof. Zdzisław Mach M  30 9
Citizenship, Migration and Multiculturalism in Europe (seminar) Dr Karolina Czerska-Shaw M  30
Eurocompetence I (Public Speaking & Academic Writting) (extended syllabus) MA Scott Simpson M  30 5
EU Institutions and Decision-Making Process Dr Grzegorz Pożarlik and Maciej Stępka M  30 4.5
European Civilisation Prof. Zdzisław Mach M  30  4.5
Religion, Diversity and Toleration in Central and Eastern Europe Scott Simpson E  30  4,5
EU Foreign and Security Policy Dr Magdalena Góra and Marcin Zubek E  30 4,5
Polish Language & Culture (A1) Marta Drwiła E  30