2nd & 3rd Semester Mobility

Euroculture 2nd Semester

First semester students at their home university must choose a second semester host university. They should specify 2 preferences in their application form which should be submitted to their home coordinating staff and the Euroculture coordinating University of Groningen at: euroculture@rug.nl no later than Monday, October 20.* Students will be informed of the final results before the second week of November.* For more specific information on the 2nd Semester at each partner university please download the 2nd and 3rd Semester Student Guide (Cohort 2016-18). For specific information on Krakow go to Structure section.

* Dates may vary depending on the Cohort.

Erasmus+ Mobility Grant (2nd semester)

Europeans and non-European students are eligible for an Erasmus exchange scholarship for the second semester of their studies. Euroculture students can apply for an Erasmus+ mobility grant through their coordinators and the Erasmus coordinator at the Institute of European Studies (ie-erasmus@uj.edu.pl).
In years past several documents have been required to begin, follow-up and finalise the Erasmus scholarship procedure. These include:

  • An Online application form
  • Motivation letter (template here, in Polish)
  • CV
  • English language certificate
  • BA Average Grade (Transcript of Records)

This documentation must be included hand in to the Euroculture coordinators in an envelope with: your Full Name, your Study Programme and your choice of university.
For more information you can visit the section on Erasmus+ mobility at the Institute’s website.

Once the grant is allotted other documents will be required: the Learning Agreement which will be approved (signed and stamped) first by the Home University (sending institution) and eventually by the Host University (receiving institutions). The Confirmation of Erasmus Study Period will be filled-out by the student and signed and stamped by his/her coordinators in the Host University.
*Failing to comply with any documentation or step in the procedure will result in the reimbursement of the scholarship.

Before your departure
Once you are granted a mobility scholarship you will need to gather and fill-out documents such as the Learning Agreement. You will also need to sing a contract at the International Students Mobility Office (ISMO). You can find these documents as well as more information in their website. Unfortunately the info is only available in Polish. 😦

This is a simplified translation taken from the ISMO website:

  • Sent Application Form to host institution
  • Learning Agreement | signed by your coordinator
  • Signed contract between student and university
    You will need to do this at the ISMO office.
  • Form with bank account information (no later than a month before leaving) 
  • Photocopy of prove of insurance.

ERASMUS+ Coordinator at the Institute of European Studies: ie-erasmus@uj.edu.pl

Euroculture 3rd Semester Mobility

3rd Semester Professional Track (Internship)Students are able to choose to do an internship at an institution of their preference. Euroculture Krakow staff if able to support any applications with official documentation, but it is the responsibility of the student to look for a placement.

Erasmus+ Placement Grant (3rd semester) Europeans and non-European students are eligible for an Erasmus placement scholarship for the third semester. Euroculture students should contact the International Students Office – specifically Michał Bereziński. He will let you know about documentation and requirements. Please contact him directly if you have any questions or concerns at: michal.berezinski@uj.edu.pl

Please visit the International Students Office website for more info. Detailed information in the Erasmus Placements section of the ISO.

Please pay attention to deadlines for applications and special documentation to hand in. 

3rd Semester Reseach Track in all European partner universities.

Students are able to choose a research track at the Jagiellonian University or at one of the Consortium partner universities. You can find out more in the research track guides:

3rd Semester Research Track in non-EU partner universities.
(Third Country Mobility Track)

Your application form should be emailed to the Consortium Main Secretariat at euroculture@rug.nl and to you home university coordinator (Krakow: office@euroculturekrakow.com) by the 1st of May. Applications sent later on will not be considered.



Euroculture 4th Semester Mobility


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