How to reach us

Route from main train/bus station (A) to Rynek Głowny (B), to Salwator tram stop, to Przegorzały Castle, ul. Jodłowa (C).
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In order to reach the Institute of European Studies (Przegorzaly Castle)

  • from the main train and bus station: take tram no. 2, direction “Salwator”, and get off at “Salwator”, one stop before the end of the line (at the bus loop). From there take bus no. 409 (schedule), which goes directly to the Institute of European Studies and Hotel Przegorzaly (the bus runs only during the academic year). Alternatively, take one of the following buses from the Salwator bus loop: 109, 209, 229, 239, 249, 259, 269 to bus stop “Przegorzaly” on the intersection of Księcia Józefa and Jodlowa Street, from where you’ll have to walk up the hill to the Institute.  A taxi from the city centre and train station costs 20-30 PLN (5-6.5 EUR). You can also take the 409 bus in other bus stops in the city: Cracovia or Jubilat.