Living in Krakow

Krakow is a great city. One which is easy to get to but hard to leave. A historical and cultural landmark in Poland it offers so many things such as an active cultural life (museums, festivals, concerts…), a salient coffee culture, a beautiful Main Market Square (Rynek Głowny), as well as interesting districts such as Kazimierz and Podgórze.
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Arrival to Krakow

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Living Expenses Overview

For all our future students! Maybe you are wondering how to make the best of your time in Krakow while on a shoe-string budget. Truth be told, Krakow is generally quite an “easy on the pocket” city. Here are a few examples of the cost of living in town and how much you can expect to pay (prices are just indicative, but in line with our general experience).

General overview for one month

In zloty

In Euro



1150 zł

275 €

Between  800 – 1500 zł (190 -360 €)

500 zł

119 €

Public transport/ month

50 zł

12 €

43 EUR for 5 months
Cultural activities

80 zł

19 €

Let say you go to one local concert and one film every two weeks.
Spending money and books

650 zł

155 €

Let figure this out:

  • 1 cappuccino /everyday
  • going out (6 apple juices or 6 beers)/week
  • 2 small lunches/week
  • 1 good evening diner/month
  • unplanned practical purchases / month
  • 1 book at Massolit/ month


580 euro

How much does it cost?

What In zloty In Euro


Bottle of water (1 lt)

3,00 zł

0,72 €

A cappuccino

6,00 zł

1,44 €

A draft local beer

6,50 zł

1,55 €

Sandwich from the bakery to eat on the run

5,50 zł

1,31 €

A full meal at a “milk bar”*

15,00 zł

3,60 €

You may wonder what milk bars are. Well, NO, despite the name, this is not where you can buy ice-cream, but a respectful institution for working class heroes and students. Check it out!
Tram ticket 20 minutes

2.80 zł

0,67 €

1.40 zł for student
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff – weekdays)

2,30 zl

0,55 €

From the airport to the city center plan 50 zł (19 euro), but you can take the train for 8 zł (Less than 2 euro)
Bus ticket to the mountains

20,00 zł

4,77 €

One month pass / fitness center

130 zł

31 €

Local band concert

20 zł

4,70 €

International band concert

80 zł

19 €

Ticket at cinema

20,00 zł

4,77 €

10 Bed Mixed Dorm hostel with Shared Bathroom in High season

55,00 zł

13,15 €

Single room 3-star hotel Less than 200,00 zł

48,00 €

One fantastic weekend in the Mountains to recharge your batteries (Friday – Sunday)

200 zł

48,00 €

One room (two nights) + Bus ticket (go + back) + meals + visits + activities
Bicycle (a good second-hand one)

250 zł

60 €


About 180 € in cash will cover regular expenses, including the accommodation (Indalo or Przegorzały hotel) during the first few days after arrival. Students who arrive at Balice Airport in Krakow can take public transportation or a taxi to the city. It takes about 28 minutes to get to Krakow main train station.