Students may apply for accommodation through the Euroculture Programme at the Institute of European Studies. Our office is able to organize accommodation in the Student Hotels & Residences (see below).

You can specify your need for accommodation arrangement in the Registration Form.

Students interested in renting an apartment should arrange this individually. The Euroculture Staff will gladly provide assistance if needed be. We suggest to search for options before your arrival.


Who takes care of housing for Euroculture Krakow?
Are there any agencies, websites, other resources?

The person in charge for Euroculture Students housing is Agata Mazurkiewicz. Students can have direct contact regarding their accommodation and will be assisted in their search for a suitable place to live before they arrive. There are several options such as student residences, but we normally suggest to rent a flat in the city centre (as to better enjoy the experience in Krakow).

Some options:

Euroculture has collaborated with them for quite a while and had very good feedback. Students should contact them directly and Cc us in the correspondence as to monitor their progress and help if needed be.

Erasmus Krakow – Student Flat rent forum
A very useful forum where you can find postings of flats available in the city. You can have direct contact with owners or with other students who have previously lived in them.

Euroculture Facebook
From our first contact with new incoming students we encourage them to use our social networks to get information, news and updates about the programme. This is also a very useful tool to look for accommodation since new students can communicate with current students who might be leaving a flat behind, might be interested in sharing or are looking for one.

Krakow Old City Apartments – Long Term Rentals
A private agency with a very good offer of flats. Some of our students have already recommended it.

Student Hotels & Residences 
The Jagiellonian University has a wide range of options in student residence. There are around 4 different ones and you can find information in their own websites. Our institute has a number of pre-reservations with them and we are able to allocate students in advance. We are only able to reserve shared rooms (double-rooms). The standards are quite different from renting a flat, but the prices are also very affordable. Students can contact me for information on availability and registration.

Is housing guaranteed at your university?
If a student enrols on time and follows the procedure, is it certain that he/she gets a room upon arrival?

If the student follows the normal enrolment procedure and asks to have a place in a residence, YES, we can guarantee accommodation upon arrival. Sometimes students opt for this option for the first few weeks or month while they look for a flat in the city centre.

What’s the average amount students pay for rent in your city?
Student residence: 500 – 950 PLN / month
Flat or shared flat: 950 – 1800 PLN / month