Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Academic Year 2017-2018 starts on 1st of October 2017 and ends on 30th of September 2018.

Euroculture orientation days will take place on the 29th of September 2017.

There are two semesters:

  • Winter Semester: from 1st of October 2017 to 23rd of February 2018
  • Summer Semester: from 24th of February 2018 to 30th of September 2018

Classes take place:

  • From 2nd of October 2017 to 22nd of December 2017
  • From 3rd of January 2018 to 28th of January 2018
  • From 24th of February 2018 to 29th of March 2018
  • From 4th of April 2018 to 15th of June 2018

The examination sessions take place:

  • Winter examination session: from 29th of January 2018 to 10th of February 2018
  • Winter re-sit examination session: from 17th of February 2018 to 23th of February 2018
  • Summer examination session: from 16th of June 2018 to 29th of June 2018
  • Summer re-sit examination session: from 1st of September 2018 to 15th of September 2018


  • Christmas: from 23rd of December 2017 to 2nd of January 2018
  • Winter break: from 11th of February 2018 to 16th of February 2018
  • Easter: from 30th of March 2018 to 3rd of April 2018
  • Spring break: from 1st of May 2018 to 3rd of May 2018
  • Summer break: from 30th of June 2018 to 30th of September 2018
  • Friday in the week when Juwenalia take place

Other holidays:

May 2, 2017
Friday in the week when “Juwenalia” Student Festival is held

Note: The period from September 16 to 30, 2018 is the time devoted to closing the 2017/2018 academic year and starting the 2018/2019 academic year.

Note: The Rector can change the dates of the examination periods, as put forward by the dean of a faculty and approved by the Student Government Faculty Council, provided that the whole curriculum of a given programme is fulfilled. For a valid reason, the dean of a faculty can cancel some or all lectures and classes on other days.