Meet our faculty: 

Prof. Zdzisław Mach
Professor of Sociology, specializing in Social Anthropology and European Studies. He obtained his MA in sociology in 1978, then his PhD in 1984. Between 1993-1999 he was the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy (Jagiellonian University). Since 1993 he has been Director of the Institute of European Studies. He is also a Professor at the School of Administration, Bielsko-Biala (Poland) and permanent visiting professor at the Centre for Social Studies, Warsaw. He has held visiting professorships and fellowships at many academic institutions such as University of Oxford, University Paul Valery, Montpellier III, University College Dublin; European University Institute in Florence, University of Chicago and University of Edinburgh amongst others.email:  zdzislaw.mach@gmail.com || zdzislaw.mach@uj.edu.pl
Prof. Czesław Porebski
Professor at the Jagiellonian University and J. Tischner European University. Between 1973-2005 he was a member of the Chair of Philosophy at the Krakow University of Economics. Between 1999-2004 he was a Professor of social and political philosophy at the International Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein, and from 2004 he has been a permanent visiting scholar there. He studied law and philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Some publications: Na przyklad Szwajcarzy (For example the Swiss), Krakow 1994; Polish Value Theory, Krakow 1996; Umowa spoleczna. Renesans idei (Social Contract. Renaissance of an Idea), Krakow 1999; Lohnt es sich, moralisch zu sein, Fribourg 2000; O Europie i Europejczykach (On Europe and the Europeans), Krakow 2000.email: cporebski@iap.li
Dr Krzysztof Kowalski
PhD from the Jagiellonian University, 2000. He works and teaches at the Institute of European Studies at the Jagiellonian University and specializes in political anthropology. He was the leader of the international project, The Square: a European Heritage/La Place: un heritage européen (2004-2007) financed by the European programme Culture 2000, a cooperation between BarcelonaKrakow, Paris, Thessaloniki and Venice.email: kowalski@ces.uj.edu.pl
Dr Bozena Gierat-Bieron
PhD in Humanities. She is a lecturer at the Institute of European Studies and the co-founder of the Euroculture Programne at the Jagiellonian University. She graduated from Polish Literature and Drama Studies. Her major academic interests are: European Models of Cultural Policy, EU Cultural Policy, History of European Culture, Theory of Arts and Theory of Arts/Cultural Policy. She has participated in various international projects and conferences (Vilnius, Vienna, Turku). She has been a visiting scholar at Trinity College (Dublin) and at the Summer School of Polish Culture in Rome.email: gierat@ces.uj.edu.pl
Dr Jolanta Ambrosewicz-Jacobs
PhD in Humanities. Director of the Center for Holocaust Studies at the Jagiellonian University and academic advisor at the International Center of Education about Auschwitz and Holocaust at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. She is a member of the OSCE/ODIHR Advisory Council of the Panel of Experts on Freedom of Religion or Belief. Her publications include: We–Us–Them. Ethnic Prejudice and Alternative Methods of Education: The Case of Poland (2003) and Tolerancja. Jak uczyc siebie i innych (2003, 2004). She is the co-editor of the book, Why Should we Teach about the Holocaust? (2003, 2004, 2005) and the co-ordinator of the Website Guide to Tolerance Education, in co-operation with the OSCE/ODIHR.email: jolanta.ambrosewicz-jacobs@uj.edu.pl
Dr Grzegorz Pożarlik
Grzegorz Pożarlik is a lecturer in the Institute for European Studies of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków and holds a PhD in Humanities from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University. His doctoral thesis analysed the Polish raison d’état in the context of the European integration processes. He has also done research in the fields of international security in  the Post-Cold War era, democracy and legitimacy in the EU, European citizenship and European identity, civil society and public sphere. His recent publications focus on the problem of global asymmetry as a background for the emergence of the Post-Westphalian paradigm in the international relations with special emphasis on the role of the EU as a global normative power.
Dr Grzegorz Pożarlik co-ordinates Eramus Mundus mobiity programmes as well as other joint European Studies programmes within the Institute of European Studies.email: pozarlik@ces.uj.edu.pl
Scott Simpson, MA
MA in Religious Studies. He is writing his PhD at the Institute of European Studies. He teaches classes on Academic Writing and Public Speaking in the Euroculture Programme in Krakow. He was born in the United States and spent his childhood in France and Spain. He has lived in Poland for more than 16 years where he works as a journalist and an employee of the Jagiellonian University. He is the author of the Thomas Cook Travellers Guide to Krakow and wrote a monthly column on Polish vodka for the Warsaw Insider. His hobbies include gardening and cooking. His academic interests include Ritual Studies, New Religious Movements, and Polish Neo-Paganism.email: ssimpson@ces.uj.edu.pl
Dr Karolina Czerska-Shaw
PhD at the Institute of European Studies JU, MA in Euroculture Head Programme Coordinator. Research includes citizenship testing schemes in France and the UK, the integration of immigrants, national identity, and changing notions of modern citizenship. Methodological focus on discourse analysis/critical discourse analysis.email: karolina.czerska@uj.edu.pl
Dr Luc Ampleman
PhD at the Institute of European Studies JU, Internal Advisor of the MA in Euroculture Programme. Key research interests include: mobility policies in remote areas, transport diplomacy, geopolitics of the Arctic; nordicity, structural geography and planning theories and rhetoric. Methodological focus on morphodynamic modeling/anisotropic space models, structural narrative semiotics, analysis system of speech acts and results chain.email: lucampleman@yahoo.no
PhD Candidate Ewa Krzaklewska
Sociologist and youth researcher, doctoral candidate at the Sociology Institute at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow; lecturer of methodology of social research, data analysis and demography. She studied Sociology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, as well as at Antioch College (Yellow Springs, USA) and Universita’ Cattolica (Milan, Italy). Her doctoral thesis focuses on discussions around the concept of adulthood and new patterns of youth transitions in Poland.email: