Career Prospects

Graduate Profile

Euroculture graduates have built careers jobs in the fields of cultural management, government, research, journalism, policy-making, international business, NGOs, and European institutions. Others have found careers in academia, taking up PhD research in many fields in the humanities and social sciences.

Euroculture prepares its graduates – from all over the world – with a thorough grounding in the historical, religious, linguistic and cultural aspects that play an essential, but often neglected, role in the Europe of today. Our programme recognises that the power of culture, values and identities in modern societies calls for sensitive and well-informed professionals to work as diplomats, managers, administrators, policy makers, journalists and cultural professionals.

In order to satisfy this need, the programme offers a unique and high-level international learning experience. As a Euroculture student, you will:

  • study issues that are related to European integration and European institutions from multiple perspectives, focusing on the citizen and culture rather than on abstract models and structures.
  • learn about approaches and methods from different disciplines including social and cultural studies and international relations.
  • study at at least two different universities in Europe and have the chance to do an internship or to attend a third university, including (for a selected group of European students) outside of Europe.
  • study and socialise with people from countries all over the world and from a variety of cultural backgrounds.
  • take part in an international summer school—Euroculture’s Intensive Programme—with around 100 participants from all partner universities.
  • enhance your employability by developing your professional and academic skills and intercultural competences.

Job examples

Below we have listed some examples of jobs of Euroculture graduates per employment sector. Apart from these examples, approximately 10 % of Euroculture graduates have undertaken further studies on the doctoral level. There are also many alumni who, in the framework of the master, have been employed as a trainee for the UN, the European Commission or the European Parliament.

In the educational sector:

  • University teachers and assistant professors in China, Georgia and the Netherlands
  • Study programme coordinators at several universities in Europe
  • Training coordinator at an international relations think tank
  • Production editor at Oxford University Press in New York

In the business sector:

  • Trainee public relations at Procter & Gamble in Germany
  • Corporate and financial communications manager at Edelman Public Relations in China
  • Commercial and public affairs director at an EU information and career website in Slovakia
  • Consultants and policy advisors at several consultancies and advisory groups in the Europe

In the public sector:

  • Diplomat at the Dutch Embassy in Macedonia
  • Policy advisers/officers and project managers for different government ministries among which ‘Social Affairs and Employment’, ‘Education’ and ‘Foreign Affairs’
  • Communications coordinator for a political party in the European Parliament
  • Policy officer at the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Mission to Kosovo
  • Project development officer at a regional agency of the EU
  • Interim agent for the European Commission
  • Urban planner at a state Department of Transportation in the US
  • Senior programme specialist at the German Commission for Unesco
  • Information assistant for the Swedish consulate general in China

In the non-profit sector:

  • Project and development managers at several NGOs in Europe
  • Head editor for a human rights magazine in Germany
  • Head of international relations department for a bid for the European Capital of Culture 2016 in Poland

In the arts sector:

  • Production manager for an arts and music festival in Germany
  • Educational project manager at a museum in Belgium

In the media sector:

  • Journalist at a press agency in the Netherlands
  • Journalist at a Polish news agency
  • Political news reporter for a Slovak newspaper